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Rafiki Jazz quiz answers

11th Oct 2017 12:54
Rafiki Jazz quiz answers


Spoiler alert! These are the answers to this quiz about stringed instruments around the world.

Already done the quiz? Want to know the answers to the questions you missed?

Question 1: What names are given to end-blown flutes native to Persia and Egypt?

Ney flutes are Arabic or Persian and Kawala flutes are Egyptian.

Question 2: What is the Ney flute traditionally made of?

They are made of cane! Now they are also often made of plastic or metal too. They have 6 or 7 holes.

Question 3: What is the single stringed instrument (pictured) called?

The Berimbau is a single stringed percussive instrument from Brazil. It is traditionally played to accompany the martial art Capoeria. 

Question 4: How many strings does the lute-shaped Oud have?

11 or 13. It is commonly used in Persian, Greek, Turkish, Byzantine, Arabian, Armenian, North African, Somali and Middle Eastern music.

Question 5: What instrument is traditionally played with one hand and a stick? Tabla, sabar, steel pans or pandeiro?

It's the Sabar. It was formerly used to communicate with other villages over long distances.

Question 6: What tuning is often used on a violin in Indian music?

D#-A#-D#-A# - other tunings are also used as well as this one - the 3rd and 4th strings have different intervals to western tuned violins but the instrument itself is the same.

Question 7: Where do steel pans originate from?

Trinidad and Tobago. Musicians who play steel pans are called pannists. 

Question 8: What is the West-African, 21-stringed, lute-bridged harp, the Kora, made of?

It is made of a Calabash - a type of gourd or squash. The front is covered in cow skin and it is the instrument of traditional griot (storyteller) musicians.

Question 9: Where is Tabla traditionally played?

The answer is India and Pakistan. Tabla is particularly important in Hindustani classical music.

Question 10: A tanpura is a long-necked plucked string instrument often found in Indian music. What sort of sound does it make?

It supports the melody by providing a continuous harmonic drone.

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