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These are unprecedented times.

With great regret, we are having to postpone a significant number of our planned concerts given the current situation (please see here for more info). This is an enormous disappointment, but in this fast-changing situation the health and wellbeing of our audiences, musicians and staff is of primary concern.

As you may be aware, freelance musicians are in a particularly precarious situation as their livelihood relies on the sorts of events that are being cancelled across the world.

If you would like to help us as we try to support our musicians now and with our plans for the future, we would be enormously grateful if you would be willing to make a donation. We are a charitable organisation that receives some support from Arts Council England and other trusts and foundations, but we are also incredibly reliant on the income from ticket sales.

Every pound that is donated will make a difference. We are extraordinarily grateful to everyone for their understanding and support in such challenging times. Thank you. 

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To send a cheque or for more information, while the office remains closed: 

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Call the office mobile on 07523 779181 and we'll return your call as soon as possible. 


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Arts Award
Arts Award

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Learn the Songs & Buy the CD!
Learn the Songs & Buy the CD!

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Keychange Pledge
Keychange Pledge

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