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Free Concert Tickets

Pupils from Byron Wood School, northwest Sheffield, attending a concert at the home of Music in the Round

We offer tickets for lunchtime concerts completely free of charge to junior and secondary schools across Sheffield! This offers a wonderful opportunity to integrate a concert visit into a wider programme of cultural education, using the special experience of live music-making in our unique venue as part of students’ personal and academic development. It offers an exciting, inspiring field trip and a great lunchtime out in a famous city venue! Complimentary programmes are included, and a member of our team will be on hand to answer questions and to ensure a warm welcome. We can also help to advise teachers about pre-concert preparation.

Pupils from Westbourne School attending a lunchtime concert

The offer is open to all schools and usually operates on a first-come-first-served basis. Many schools that have previously enjoyed Come In! projects then choose attend a concert here – and vice versa! Periodically we invite specific school groups involved in the Wider Opportunities project with the Music Hub which helps to further develop this important relationship.

Lunchtime concerts coming up in Autumn 2015 include: 

Tuesday 6 October - Ensemble 360

Tuesday 10 November - Ensemble 360 

Monday 23 November - Ensemble 360

To secure free concert tickets for your school, contact our Learning & Participation Manager

Arts Award
Arts Award

Music in the Round is an Arts Award supporter. Find out more here.

Learn the Songs & Buy the CD!
Learn the Songs & Buy the CD!

Buy cds for children's concerts in our online shop.

Keychange Pledge
Keychange Pledge

We have taken the Keychange Pledge, taking action to represent the underrepresented.