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We all know the power that music can have to support learning in the Early Years but here's some evidence to back up our claims! 

- This article by Professor Stephanie Pitts focusses on Music in the Round's Soundplay project and how music can impact language and learning. Here's the visual abstract:

Why is music-making so important in early years learning and how can we positively link to the EYFS framework? 
Music in the Round's Soundplay project with 2-5 year olds explores and demonstrates why.

- A fascinating report evaluating the use of digital media in EY music sessions - find the report here or have a look at the key findings










- What if every child had access to music education from birth?


This video from LEYMN's Conference in March 2014 illustrates the importance of Music and Movement in the Early Years: 

- Youth Music Network Members suggest useful links to academic research on music-making in the Early Years  

- Mary Fawcett explains why Music Matters in the Early Years 

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Arts Award

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Learn the Songs & Buy the CD!

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