Calefax Reed Quintet

Upper Chapel, Sheffield
Monday 22 January 2024, 7.00pm


£14 UC, DLA or PIP
£5 Under 35s & Students 

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HANDEL Suite for keyboard No.5 The Harmonious Blacksmith (9’)
FRANCK Chorale No.2 (9’)
ALKAN Comme le vent (5’)
DEBUSSY Préludes for piano (selection) (10’)
GERMANUS Le tourne-disque antique (7’)
DVOŘÁK String Quintet No.3 Op.97 (extracts) (15’)
GERSHWIN An American in Paris (13’) 

Saxophones, clarinets, oboe and bassoon combine to make the sensational sound of Calefax, five exceptional Dutch musicians whose lively and entertaining performances have won them loyal fans all over the world. George Gershwin’s ‘An American in Paris’ is a vivid portrait of the Roaring ’20s, and in Calefax’s unique arrangement the musical colours of Paris are even more vibrant. They’ll also be treating us to music ranging from the joy of Handel to the rich melodies of Dvořák and the shimmering beauty of Debussy. 

Watch a gorgeous example of Calefax’s music, in their trailer from their recent album:


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