Rosie Middleton & Angharad Davies

Channing Hall, Sheffield
Friday 30 September 2022, 8.00pm

£8 Disabled / UC and PIP recipients
£5 Under 35s & Students 

Past Event

ESIN GUNDUZ En-he-du-an-na-me-en 
MIRA CALIX code poem: any chance of war?
LAURA BOWLER Cover Squirrel
Set includes improvisations by Angharad Davies 

(A woman sits alone in the room. She tries to speak. Her voice is gone.) 

Mezzo-soprano Rosie Middleton and violinist Angharad Davies perform a sequence of works that explore the sonic force of the human voice and how easily it can be silenced.  

Esin Gunduz examines power and resistance in music that transforms Rosie’s voice through electronic manipulation. Semaphore, morse code and other non-verbal communication inform Mira Calix’s anti-war musical poem. In Cover Squirrel by Laura Bowler, the human voice switches from operatic power to broken and unintelligible fragments. This provocative performance blends music and physical gesture by two captivating, exceptional performers. 

Watch and listen to short clips of work from the performers and find out more about the Voice(less) project here.

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