Up Close Episodes

Adrian Wilson (oboe)

UP CLOSE Episode 1

Adrian performs Tomasi; Matt and Naomi talk Age Better; Bernard Gregor Smith reads from A Quintessential Quartet; and Claudia from Beethoven's life; before Beethoven’s Ensemble 360 play his String Quartet Op18 No.5.

Duration: 1:04:41
Claudia Ajmone Marsan (violin)

UP CLOSE Episode 2

Ellen Sargen discusses 'Passau' with Tim and Laurène which we revisit from SMCF18; Claudia continues reading from Beethoven; Ellen, Lawrence Osborne and Emily Howard discuss composing for chamber ensemble.

Duration: 01:02:03
Raye Harvey (violin)

UP CLOSE Episode 3

Matt quizzed by Sheffield Music Hub and performing Reich. Raye Harvey and Elliot Bailey discuss their careers in chamber music; more from Bernard Gregor Smith, Claudia & Beethoven, and another 'Evocation' from Adrian.

Duration: 01:02:24
Naomi Atherton (horn)

UP CLOSE Episode 4

Horn players Naomi and Jo ask 'why do horns hunt in pairs?' plus alphorn call; Claudia reads Beethoven's letters; Bernard Gregor Smith his memoir; and Ensemble 360 perform Dvořák's Piano Quartet No 2.

Duration: 1:16:47
Ruth Gibson with viola

UP CLOSE Episode 5

Ruth plays Bach and talks about walking and Bach with author Horatio Clare. A behind the scenes look at making our brand new 360 videos of Beethoven, Britten and Bartok and the latest in our ongoing serialisations.

Duration: 01:04:53
Ensemble 360 String Quartet

UP CLOSE Episode 6

Adrian concludes his Tomasi with a portrait of his home in Scotland; Juliette and Ben discuss Stravinsky 1882-1971, 50 years since he died; a lyrical trio from Bruch and a look forward to our plans from SMCF 21 online.

Duration: 01:02:25