360° video preview: BEETHOVEN Grosse Fuge

Ensemble 360

Crucible Playhouse, Sheffield
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When watching this 360 video, you should be able to control which individual musician you are watching, and you will only see one musician at a time.

On a tablet or smartphone you can tilt your device and move it around to change your view; and on a computer you can use your mouse to ‘grab’ the screen and move it, or use the cursor in the top left-hand corner. 360° video is not intended for watching either directly on television, or via chromecast devices from a laptop.

You can test if the 360 video is working properly when watching on a tablet or smartphone by tilting your device left or right to see a different musician.

When watching on a computer, your screen should look like this:
Example of how to watch 360 video

If the device you are watching on does not recognise the video as 360 video, you will probably see all 4 players sitting together in a row, and you will not be able to change your view. We strongly recommend you try some of the following to experience the video in full 360 degrees:

– If you are watching on a smartphone or tablet, switch to watching on the YouTube app. You’ll be able to find the video on the musicintheround YouTube channel.

– If you are watching on a computer, click on the Music in the Round logo in the top left of the video to try watching the video directly through the YouTube website.

– If watching on the YouTube website doesn’t help, try switching to a different internet browser. For example, if you have been watching it on Chrome, try watching using Safari or Microsoft Edge. Your browser may also benefit from being updated to the latest version.

Find further help and tips on how to get the best experience when exploring these 360° videos in our Frequently Asked Questions section of this site.


Beethoven’s shortest string quartet is also his most intense. Powerfully strange and hauntingly beautiful, this staggeringly modern quartet confounded its first audiences and has gone on to inspire and enrapture generations of performers, composers and audiences ever since. Ensemble 360 presents a fierce, committed and spectacular performance recorded in 360 degree film and binaural sound. Performed in the Crucible Studio Theatre, the film allows you to see and hear this work ‘inside out’ as if you were sitting among the performers.

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